A Recipe for Happiness

If there’s one comment I hear consistently it’s that I seem so happy all the time. The truth is, I am. Somewhere along the way I learned that happiness starts on the inside. The realization wasn’t an epiphany that knocked me over, but more like a Monet painting that I gradually stepped back from to see the image clearly.


I think of happiness in the same way I think of personal style or taste - it’s not about the clothes you have, the art you can afford, or the budget for your renovation; it’s about the way you do things, how you see the world, and who you are on the inside.

In the times that I’ve been discontent I noticed that it was the external things that I let wreck my day and bleed into how I viewed my life. With time, experience, and self-reflection came the ability to shift my perspective and refocus on what was important to me. For every person it’s different but for me my health, family and friends, career, and my time are my most treasured gifts. Each day I find a way to be grateful for being alive and having these gifts in tact.


Gratitude seems to be the seed from which my happiness has bloomed. When I focus on being grateful for the moment, who I am, and what I already have everything else seems to pale in comparison. What time is it right now where you are? In this moment you are the age that you are, you have an exact amount of money in your bank account, you weigh what you weigh, and the people who are in your life are in your life. It’s your choice now to be content and grateful with that or be upset about it - but either way these things won’t change in an instant. What can change in an instant is your outlook. In a nutshell that’s how I view life - I choose to be happy with what I have as I continue pursue more. The beautiful thing about life is that you have a choice.

While I certainly do not have all the answers but I do know that you can find the answers within yourself. Take some time to decide what is important to you and channel a sense of gratitude in that direction. If finances are important, thank yourself for the work you put into making money by saving more and spending wisely. Want to love your body? Spend more time naked. Look at yourself in the mirror and say “thank you” to the body you have - in this moment it is the only one you’ve got. Show your body gratitude by eating nourishing foods and thinking kinder thoughts about it. Attracting more love into your life starts with thinking about the things you love about yourself. The more you keep in mind the love you have for yourself the more love energy will seek you out.

As you begin to find your own happiness take note of what works. Whatever tactics or rituals work best for you, have them handy for when you start to stray. You will always find the way back to yourself and your personal happy place.


Miss Suber