"A Blogger with No Blogs" A Note on Consistence

If you were an early fan of The Real Housewives of Atlanta like I was you remember the infamous She by Sheree fashion show - “a fashion show with no fashions.” I think about that episode often when I reflect on how many projects I’ve started only to abandon halfway through. A symptom of our introspective generation is that we analyze our current state of being so much that it sometimes prevents us from getting things done. We’re confronted with perfect images at every scroll of our fingertips so we measure our abilities against the potential for a flawless outcome. In my own pursuits I always think ‘I’ll do this right or not at all,’ which forces me into the latter.

Queen of consistence: Emily Weiss, Into The Gloss & Glossier founder.

Queen of consistence: Emily Weiss, Into The Gloss & Glossier founder.

How do we stop doing this? I know there is a happy medium or I wouldn’t be writing this post at 11:30pm on a Wednesday night. At some point you realize that saying what you want is actually the second step towards getting anything in life because you have to believe it first. Deciding to do anything requires you to trust and believe in yourself. Next, you declare what it is to yourself or the world and then you get to work - and work consistently. I’ve made countless content schedules and planned down to painful detail how I want this website to be but nothing feels as good as typing on my laptop right now, know for sure that these words will reach you.

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As I continue the journey of living my best life I am making a conscious effort to commit to everything I say that I am. At a time when you can portray a fantasy about what you want your life to be, I take pride in being more transparent and honest about the work that goes into building a dream. I hope that this let’s you know you are not alone in the struggle to be consistent. As always I appreciate you for reading and look forward to sharing more! Leave a comment below or reach out to me on Instagram or Twitter.


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