I did it! I QUIT MY JOB.

Have you ever felt like you’ve outgrown something completely? It could be your favorite TV show, a style of dress, or even a person. No matter how much you try to laugh at the jokes, like how you look in those clothes, or relate to that friend or lover you just can’t. Every day that passes you feel more and more like you’re living a lie or deceiving yourself into contentment. That’s how I’ve felt at every 9 to 5 job I’ve had for the past five years.

Two or three months ago I started getting that feeling, a familiar one at that point, but also somehow different. It could be because I’ve finally transitioned into my mid-late twenties after what feels like living many lifetimes or that I now live outside of New York City so there aren’t as many distractions but I felt like I had way more to lose by staying in my position. Every minute felt like I was gambling my future on a sure loss. So I made a decision and I set a date - I was going to quit my job.

Being the logical Capricorn woman that I am, my mind was made up but I also sought the advice of other entrepreneurs that I respected. They all said the same few things despite having arrived at the door self-employment in different ways. Their advice to just take the leap, believe in myself, have a plan, and build a daily routine gave me a foundation to build my next move on.

Then there was the hurdle of breaking the news to my family and friends - which was not easy. Over the years they’ve seen me do amazing things at the companies I’ve worked at but never be totally fulfilled. By their own observations, I’m happier, healthier, and more creative bringing my own ideas to life. Either way I ripped the Band-Aid off and informed them of my decision, making it very clear that their opinions would not sway me to stay. A lot of times you make more mistakes in your indecision than you do sticking to a conscious choice so I knew I had to be confident in my plan and how I communicated it.

Ultimately when the day came and my letter of resignation was received I felt a huge weight lifted off of my shoulders. If I am who I say I am, I have to live fully in that reality, settling for nothing less.

This was a huge step out on faith in my life! Have you ever taken a big leap of faith? Tell me in the comments below or tweet me @MissSuber what you think.


Miss Suber