Women's March 2018 - Charlotte, NC


Today's Women's March in Charlotte was the first march I've ever participated in. As many times as I've been called to take to the streets, now finally felt like the right time. Though my body was tired, I was energized by the opportunity to be a part of something bigger than myself. With my mother and her friend Caroline by my side I stood shoulder to shoulder with other women and allies defending our equality in this country. The rights that we are denied as - black, LGBTQ, immigrant, disabled, sexually active, etc - women should not be up for debate but they are. If ever there were a time to stand on my own two feet and use my voice to scream in protest, it would be now. 


Though our motivation to fight may spark from different experiences the goal is the same - equal rights and protection for all women. As I find more ways to step into an active role in our battle for equality I feel tremendous gratitude for this day and to the women who marched. More than just a day of poster signs and photo ops I could look to my left or my right and see women who showed up for me and I for them. There is so much power in solidarity, I look forward to all of the change that will come as a result.  

Women are the present and the future.

Love them.

Support them.

Believe them.

Elect them.



Miss Suber