My New Chapter


I pictured writing this post so many different ways, so glad that I'm finally doing it now - sitting bra-less in leggings at my dining room table turned office space.

I remember when the thought hit me. I was pacing in an open courtyard in Los Angeles on the phone with my mom. I had just left my job and was exploring a new opportunity in LA that I wasn't sure would pan out. It was the second time I flew cross-country in a month and while the sun felt great and I was ready to commit to west coast living something else was tugging at me - the longing for true freedom. 

My lease in New York City was ending and my roommates were practically begging me to quit my obsession with our apartment. My Brooklyn spot was the most space and privacy I'd had since I moved back to New York and at the price I was paying I was reluctant to let go of such a gem. But... nothing ventured, nothing gained though right? So, still on the phone with my mother the thought hit me like a bolt of lightening 'Could I maybe come home for a while?' I could barely believe what I had just said as an odd sense of calm washed over me. "Of course, Simone! This is your home!" I heard her say through the speaker and even still it didn't seem like an obvious option for me.

To give you a bit of background, when I graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill I had an internship lined up for me. I moved back to New York where I grew up just three days later. I assumed the role of bright-eyed intern for all of a few days before they noticed my work ethic and offered me a suddenly vacant (note: divine timing) spot on the account management team. Being in the right place at the right time, armed with a hustle mentality and the skills to back it up has always fueled my independence. I always wanted to do things on my own - have my own money, create my own opportunities, quite simply own my life. Moving home or taking time off never crossed my mind.

I quickly got over that stubborn feeling and immediately made a plan. Go home for the summer, learn how to drive, then pack up and relocate to LA. I dedicated all of my energy to planning what was to be my Gap Year - one whole year devoted to "doing me."

Since I was six years old my goal has always been to become an entrepreneur. Every job I've had has been geared towards learning skills for this purpose. I have admittedly gotten impatient over the course of my career, attempting to leap frog over gaining experience but I knew this moment wasn't that. I knew that my time had finally come. So now, as I begin this new chapter in my life I am making it a point to share my journey with you. Nothing great happens overnight and I have no doubt that I will succeed. This will be the adventure of a lifetime, I'm so happy to have you along!


Miss Suber