Four Ways to Set Better #Goals

#Goals. We see the hashtag all over social media as a declaration of the ideal, just slightly out of reach. Relationship goals, body goals, or the all encompassing "life goals" seem to be ascribed to the -est of any group of people - but what about the goals we have in between Instagram scrolls? Here are a few tips on how to set better goals IRL.

Think way into the future. For those of us in our 20s we take comfort in how many boozy New Year Eves we have left before turing 30 but for a moment let's all visualize life five years from now. How old are you? What is your life like - your family, relationships, career, appearance? Get a view of your future self continuing your current habits and then picture your ideal lifestyle at that time. If there's a big difference between these two visions make a plan that maps closer to what you want. I know that I want to be as flawless as my mother when I'm older which is why you'll catch me chugging water and slathering on sunscreen daily.

Write it down. Try this for one whole day: write down every little thing that comes to mind that you want or need to do. As someone who has at least ten internet tabs open at any given moment I know how easily it is to remember then instantly forget something you're supposed to do. Give yourself some peace of mind! Setting goals is inherently a more organized way to live. When you see all of your minute errands in black and white you'll discover which areas you can easily improve. For example, if you forgot to cancel your old gym membership for the third month in a row or you're wasting half of your groceries because you always eat out, you may start setting more financial goals. Grab a cute little Moleskin and get all those pesky thoughts onto the page!

Choose action over aspiration. Action words - run, eat, dance - inspire a more direct response when you read them over. "Squat 50 lbs," will likely get your into the gym faster than "Get a butt like Beyonce's." Anchor your goals in reality with realistic, actionable wording. Everybody likes to eat, yes? If your goal is to be healthier try being specific with actions and numbers - "eat one vegetable with every meal," instead of "avoid carbs."

Have fun. Keep it light! No matter how hardcore the goal, you should enjoy the process. We set goals to come out better on the other side. Add fun, easy goals into the mix too - ones that only serve to feed your happiness. You will feel amazing when you can cross something off your list and have a good time doing it.

I hope this helps improve your goal setting. Tell me in the comments below or tweet me what you are working on this month!


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