Be All In - An Insurance Policy Against Regret

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What are your aspirations in life? You may want to earn a promotion, build your business to the next level, or start a family of your own. All of your goals, whatever they may be, take work to attain but sometimes you are left wondering how much is enough. When in doubt I believe you should give it all you got, be all in.

Being all in means putting forth maximum effort. The basics of goal-setting are to determine your aim then break it down into steps. You may think that if you halfway do something today that you'll be better off tomorrow but in reality you won't remember the nap you took in the middle of studying or the extra episode of TV that you watched while you worked on your business plan. Being all in is about giving your full attention and focus to something even if you only have an hour to dedicate.

Making the conscious decision to give your all each step of the way prevents you from ever having to wonder "what if?" What if I started back then? What if I just finished that project or met that deadline? The possibilities for a favorable outcome are infinite when you feel that you could have done more. The last thing you want to feel is regret that you didn't push yourself to give your best effort.

When you realize that time will pass by regardless of how many days or weeks you put into your passion, you tend to straightened up and prioritize. Do this daily. It can be fun too! If your goals are geared towards learning about new cultures be all in with a vacation to a foreign land - plan to learn the basic language and read up on the culture. Be one hundred percent about what you claim to be about. 

You can choose to be all in right now. Wake up every morning ready and willing to do the work - whatever it may be - to the best of your ability. And no, you may not achieve everything that you set out to do but you will feel confident in knowing that your effort met your potential and you gave it your all. Life is about the journey, max it out. Be ALL IN!


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