Happy New Month! September

Can you believe it's September, already?! It feels like yesterday we were anxiously awaiting warmer weather to caption our photos "All Summer Sixteen," now the sun is setting on the season. September always ushers in a season of change for me so I've prepared a few things to give your new month a healthy jumpstart.

Let It Go

Whatever negative thoughts you have lingering in the back of your mind, let them go. Especially as we realize that eight of the twelve months of the year are complete it's easy to feel unsettled. The time has passed. Instead of mulling over hypothetical situations of what could have been rest assured that you can absolutely do better today. If it helps, write down all of the things bothering you, make a conscious decision to not be plagued by them, and cross them out one by one - scribble black marker all over them if you need to. Just let it all go.

Write Down Your Goals

While you have your pen and paper out, let's set some goals! Wait, wait - not just your career goals or your financial goals which are great but fun ones too. I am one-hundred percent the person on New Years Eve who vows to make their first million by December 31st but at some point (usually February, lol) I start feeling miserable. Tangible things like a healthy savings or a work promotion can make you feel accomplished but so can new experiences. Pick at least three "fun goals" that you'll be excited to do. Hint: they can be as easy and low-effort as you want.


There's nothing like starting a new chapter with a clean slate. As temperatures cool down start getting rid of anything that doesn't fit who you are in the present or the person you want to be in the future. It is as simple as that. If you're like me you think one day you'll come back to something liking it more than you did today, the truth is that doesn't matter. If there's a dress in your closet that makes you the slightest bit annoyed when you slide its hanger past, it's costing you your peace of mind which will never be worth it. Purge your closet, old papers, even old phone numbers you've been saving - your life is going somewhere great this month, pack light!

Wishing you a fantastic September! Send me comments below with what you're working on this month!


Miss Suber