#SuberEats Dean & Deluca Macarons

I was craving a little sugar this afternoon so I stopped in to Dean & Deluca for macarons. I had been eyeing the tempting display earlier so I couldn't resist. In Paris, macarons are a big deal. When I took a solo trip to the City of Lights a couple of years ago I discovered what the Laduree hype was all about and gave macarons the #SuberEats stamp of approval. Here's what I had at D&D.

Lavender and Honey - On sight, my first impression of this aptly-colored treat was that it would taste slightly herby the way green tea ice cream does. Taking my first bite though, nothing. I did make a point to deeply inhale the scent to maybe let my senses do the talking but again, nothing. Quite honestly this macaroon didn't taste like much of anything. The textures were consistent with what you would expect from a macaron so the light sweet taste remained in tact, as did the smoothness of the saccharine center.

Espresso - LOVE. The color was exactly as you would imagine, a saturated brown lighter than actual espresso but reminiscent of its namesake. Not exaggerating, It smelled like having coffee with your best girlfriend in France with nothing to do for the day but shop. If how fragrant this confection was served as any indication of the taste, it was spot on. So good. The outer cake layer had just a whisper of coffee while the inner filling packed the real burst of espresso flavor. I would highly recommend this for any time of day but especially when your caffeine intake is maxed out but you need a little pick me up.

Rose - By now you probably think I'm going overboard with my description of the smells but trust me when I say this one smelled like the color pink. Remember when you used to color with crayons? It smells faintly like a pink crayon, but in the most pleasant way. When you bite into the macaroon the scent breaks into a lovely rose flavor and chewing it unlocks the essence even further. In a whole bite the creme center seems to be a tasteless support for the cookie layer but when you lick it independently you'll notice it has it's own significant rosiness. Nom.

Vanilla - It is very rare that I get vanilla anything but I do respect it as a basic yet underrated flavor so I showed it some love. Two words: sugar cookie. That's exactly what it smells like. It takes me back to elementary school time when you had designated "class mom" and she would always bring sweets for the class. I kind of hated sugar cookies because sometimes they were too sweet or too buttery, so I was skeptical. Turns out this macaron is far from any class mom oven creation! The flavors were pared down and obvious which is what made this one so tasty, it was a throwback to simpler times. Airy, warm, and moist as ever, I would definitely recommend this macaron with a nice cup of coffee.

That's all for now, until my next taste adventure.


Miss Suber