Flavor In Your Ear: Autumn Chill

Flavor In Your Ear is a space for us to go behind the headphones of our favorite creators. Justin "SkyRoyal" Byers, an Atlanta-based music writer and filmmaker, graces our ears with the inaugural FIYE playlist Autumn Chill

As the weather gets colder, we naturally think about the ones that give us a sense of warmth. There's a nostalgia for lost loves, and an optimism for new love yet to be experienced. The songs I listen to this time of year tend to be those I want to hear when I am with someone special. More than the lyrics of the songs, the tempo does that for me. Not quite dance music, but the kind of upbeat vibe somewhere between R&B and electronic that evokes a freeness of spirit, an immediate head bob, a sway, or that thing you do when you close your eyes and just get lost in the joy of a moment. Kaytranada gets it. That's why his production is present on a few of these. The funky, 2-step sound of his music represents that energy better than it can be expressed in words. It's music for the days when it's not hot enough for A/C and not cold enough for heat. Jams for the chillest of seasons. - SkyRoyal

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