"As Soon As I Become Rich..."

We all fantasize about our future selves, mentally spending those millions that are sure to come. For me, philanthropy has always been a part of that vision but I'm beginning to wonder 'why wait?' Being generous is born out of a sense of gratitude for what you already have, in which case everyone is in a position to give.

Before you start thinking about your bank account hear me out. Participating in a charitable cause is not just about a monetary donation. One of the most precious resources we have in life is our time. Spending a few hours with hospital patients who are sick or lonely, volunteering at your local after-school program, or cleaning up a neglected area in your town are great ways to give back. 

Sometimes I take for granted the experiences I've had and how they can help others. My parents read to me every night so I grew up to be a bookworm, always in the library. Reading to kids in your neighborhood or helping them with them homework inproves their vocabulary, holds them accountable, and shows that you care.

On top of making people feel good, you ultimately feel great when you do for others. Giving sends a signal to your brain that you have more than enough, that you are living in abundance. When you act and feel like you have enough plus more to share, it will always be true.

Bottom line: You are already rich! Anything that you know how to do can be of service to others. Living in gratitude for what you have will attract more abundance into your life.

Here are a few more ways you can start goving back today:

- Donate your gently worn clothes to a homeless shelter or women's haven

- Volunteer at an art museum, aquarium, soup kitchen, community pantry, or any youth program for your specialized profession

- Volunteer your services to a local small business


So many ways to make this world a better place. Support worthy causes, love each other, and do big things! 



Miss Suber

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