Countdown to Suber SZN🎈

Happy New Year, beautiful people! 2016 was no doubt a rollercoaster but an excellent year for me overall. Now seven days away from my 25th birthday I am reflecting on all that I've done and the wonderful adventures my mid-twenties will bring. Here are are the top three lessons I learned this year and a few things I'm looking forward to most in 2017.

Say yes.

As much as I love a good plan, 24 was all about saying 'yes,' then seeing where the experience took me. From last minute trips out of the country, to concerts turned late night dance parties, to taking on big responsibilities at work I allowed myself to be spontaneous. While things didn't always work out the way I expected, I loved every moment. Sometimes going with the flow affords you the freedom to explore who you are. It's okay to simply let life reveal on its own what it has in store for you.

You always have a choice.

In this moment you have the ability to change nearly everything about your life. What we do on a daily basis is mainly rooted in choice. No matter how stuck in a situation you may feel you absolutely can decide to change your thinking and your actions. Making a conscious effort to say 'yes' more also helped me make quick decisions when something didn't feel right. Cutting ties with people who made me doubt myself or feel small was key to keeping my energy protected and my mind strong. It's healthy to evaluate your surroundings and decide to move forward or move on based on what you want for yourself. Choices are not a January 1st thing, or a Monday morning thing but a May 13th or Thursday 3:47pm thing. The best thing about choices is that as long as you live you have the opportunity to make better ones.

Glow unapologetically.

This is one of my life themes! Shine. Shine bright. Shine hard. Shine often. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being your best self and letting others see you do it - we are all beautiful works in progress. Turning 24 was a continuation of my mission to do the maximum, live a big full life, and through my actions encourage others to do the same. The brighter my glow, the more amazing energy and people I attracted into my life. Love, happiness, beauty, wealth, and success are results of thought. This past year I was blessed to grow closer to like-minded thinkers reassuring me that there's more than enough for all of us. Be as amplified as you want, you'll always find people, places, and opportunities to meet you on that level!

I am so excited to turn 25. I am truly thankful for every triumph and challenge over the past quarter-century. Looking forward to profound love, unbound happiness, and unforeseen abundance in 2017. Everything I've done has led up to this, I know this will be my best year yet. #SuberSZN starts now...


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