Life Update 001: Technical Difficulties

Hi babes!

Excited to be back with the first of many weekly updates on all things Miss Suber. Just about all of my electronic devices have gone haywire in the past few weeks so thanks for your patience. There’s lots to catch up on so let’s jump right in.

Fall has officially arrived, however, my closet is none too pleased because although the season has changed the temperature has not. We are forecasted for at least another week of 90+ degree weather. Couple that with being in sort of a style rut - which happens to me almost every year around this time - and I am totally out of my element. Style is so personal and intuitive for me that I’m either killing it or just “blah.” Most times your closet is a reflection of how you see yourself. At the moment I feel pulled in a million different directions which leads me to either get dressed in a costume to perform a role for the world or throw on a second skin that I can move freely in as myself. I’m not one-hundred percent sure what the remedy is but I know that purging all the excess from my wardrobe is a good start. If you’re interested you can pick up some pieces from my closet at my Depop shop.

The cooler months are always a time I rethink my approach to beauty. Obviously the air is drier and everything from nails to lip shades go darker. Lately I find myself smitten with testing new eyeshadow looks. Shadows have never really been my jam specifically because I am a perfectionist and if it doesn’t look bomb I am likely to cancel my plans. It’s just makeup, it washes off right? Wrong. I will not do it! To save face I have kept away from glittery candy-colored palettes for ages but no more. After seeing the irreverent way Rainy Milo does her makeup on Live “Guys should I do the emerald or the champagne?” and just runs with it, I feel empowered to do the same. Now as for skin I am upping my water intake to stave of an a dry patchy transition into fall. I need dewy perfection as we head into Q4 of the year.

Business has been interesting this year. Unlike most people, I know that slapping “founder” in your Instagram bio does not instantly make you one. I founded my company almost two years ago now and in taking on work to survive while I pursue my passions Ii’ve been distracted from my core focus. Finances have never really been an issue for me so when I took a part-time job working at a store I set my intentions on securing health insurance, 401k benefits, and a supplemental income. Ever the overachiever I find myself thinking more and more about how to be a better salesperson and also increasingly curious about the business of retail. Like most, I got a job at the mall the minute I turned 16. The world of retail was exciting, transactional, and rewarding. Selling things is about your personality and connection with your clients or customers. You can sell almost anything if you take a moment understand who you’re speaking to. Feeling the rush of making people feel good and realizing that I’m great at sales - and I mean excellent at it - was what led me back to it years later. Among the many goals that I have I definitely want to continue with retail in some form or another. With all that said my creative agency has taken a bit of a backseat, my focus just isn’t 100% there. Needless to say my next step is setting new goals and intentions for what’s next.

You guys want to talk about my personal life? Hmm… this is always the part I’m always reluctant to share! And for good reason. It doesn’t really make sense to share certain details of my life. I feel like I give the world so much already. What I can say is that I’m happy. In general I have felt this sense of inner joy and satisfaction consistently for the past year and a half. I attribute that to doing what’s best for me, quitting my 9 to 5 job, learning how to relax, meditation and prayer, being present in the moment, and teaching people how to treat me vs assuming they know and being disappointed. Lately I’ve also been treating people the way I would like to be treated. It sounds basic but when you do it without placing any conditions on it, it take practice. My next personal goals are to read more novels and plan my time more efficiently.

That’s all for now. I love you guys! Let me know what you want to hear more about in the comments below or hit me on Twitter or Instagram. See you next week!


Miss Suber