Quick Tips to Refresh Your Space


We all love to surround ourselves with beautiful things. Our living spaces are where we spend the most time so it’s always nice to shake things up and refresh. Of course, with the demands of a busy life time is of the essence. If you’re not obsessed with creating Pinterest boards, redecorating can seem like a chore so I made it easy for you.

Start With A Blank Canvas


I love white, especially in a bedroom! A simple switch to a white or light-colored comforter or duvet brightens the room giving the illusion of more space. This is a great base for building with bright multicolored accents or a start to a monochromatic feel.

Bring In Life

Plants and flowers will always increase the good energy of a room. Choose flowers that fit the vibe you want your space to have. Roses are sensual and romantic. Peonies and calla lillies are among my favorite flowers, super chic. Or even add a few clippings of a banana plant to introduce a tropical feel.

Set the Mood


Light and scent can transform a space. Candles, incense, or even a dimmer on your lamps give some depth to your mood and make the room more dynamic. Go for invigorating scents and brilliant lighting to get your day started then spark a woodsy or deep scent to wind down.

Add Polish


Pillows and throws are the best way to really finish off a room. These amazing K. Balkarran Paradise Collection pillows are perfect for the island vibe I wanted to achieve. The pillows are soft and have a great weight to them that works for a number of rooms in your home. In contrast to the all white bedding these plush accents get to be the star, drawing all of the elements in the space together for one cohesive look.

Ready to refresh your space? Comment below what room you are making over and be sure to tag me on social media @MissSuber in your photos!

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Miss Suber