I'm Sorry I Didn't Let You 4:44 Me

I'm sorry you weren't good enough to love me.

I'm sorry my success made you feel small.

I'm sorry we both couldn't deny that I deserved better.

I'm sorry I could only let you shut me out but so many times.

I'm sorry I couldn't give you the satisfaction of seeing me hurt tweeting through 4:44.

I'm sorry our love never blossomed.

I'm sorry I couldn't fake it.

I'm sorry that everything I've experienced only gave me a taste for better.

I'm sorry my taste evolved past you.

I'm sorry that my bright future blinded you to who I am as a woman.

I'm sorry that I wasn't too weak to walk away.

I'm sorry that where I'm going I could never carry you with me.

I'm sorry that you probably will meet another woman like me and still won't be ready.

I wish I could say I'm sorry for it all but I'm so grateful for the experience. You taught me things, you made me better, and I'll never settle for empty I'm sorrys.