Woman on Top: Love Your Lines

Happy Women’s History Month!

Throughout the course of history the female form has been studied, exposed, hidden, worshipped, and many times degraded. As a Western society we subscribe to the notion that perfection is preferred. Countless hours of energy are devoted to erasing blemishes on our exteriors which is why I commend anyone who celebrates our womanly quirks.

I discovered the LoveYourLines Instagram account over a year ago and fell in love with the concept. The account was created by two mothers in the summer of 2014 to "showcase the beauty of the female body.” Since its start, the campaign has featured over 500 submissions; mothers, models, teenagers, even self-harm survivors all pouring out their stories of acceptance or the struggle to accept their “love lines."

Stretch marks are a fact of life for many women, including me. I remember distinctly telling my mother “I won’t get those” as I moisturized my legs vigorously, but it doesn’t work that way. Embracing the stripes that cover my chest, legs, and butt (my favorite parts!) was a process illuminated by knowing that many women’s bodies are decorated the same way. Those sharing their stories on Love Your Lines and beyond are beautiful women, talented, sexy, and desirable in every way.

I encourage you to look at the photos and read the stories on Love Your Lines. Retraining the way your eye sees beauty will create a more wonderful world for us all.


Miss Suber

Woman on Top is a series created by Simone Suber to celebrate the beauty, power, and complexity of women.

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