Pole-Dancing, Pregnancy, & Prada: 5 Instagram Accounts I'm Obsessed With Right Now

Instagram is one of my favorite apps to to scroll through in my free moments. From fashion to fitness, it's the best way to get inspiration and motivation on the go. Check out the accounts I've been loving below!


When I managed social media at Carol's Daughter I came across the most beautiful photo of a mother and her daughter in matching headwraps - I traced the photo back to Ashley Wright. It only took a few minutes for me to become enamored with Wright's powerful stance on breastfeeding, natural parenting, and female sensuality. This pole-dancing mom is fiercely independent and incredibly open about the unconditional love she has for her daughter. She reminds me with her daily posts how to be fearless and unapologetic.


Tammy Hembrow is by far one of my favorite follows on Instagram. I actually began fawning over her glamourous Tumblr photos when she was pregnant with her first child and didn't even think to find her on any other social network.  In addition to being a super mom and a source for bodycon date night looks, Hebrow is my fitness inspiration. She exercises four to five days a week - even during her pregnancies - and does it with so much style. The now mommy-to-be has launched a "booty guide" and continues to inspire others through her dedication to a healthy lifestyle and family.


My fascination with Shiona Turini started when the self-proclaimed crop top queen came to an event I hosted. Poised and polished, she dazzled me with her innate sense of style and keen Bermuda accent. Turini's lightness of heart comes across in every photo she posts. More than fashion edit vet, she has turned her passion into a business that allows her to live what she loves. If ever you're in need of outfit inspiration or just #girlboss goals, Shiona Turini is just an Insta search away. I would be remiss if I didn't mention that Shiona is also an incredible follow on Snapchat!


On a whim I flew down to Miami for Art Basel last December. Of all the parties happening I noticed Julianna Goddard's had the most buzz. Not one for crowded a turn up, I was more drawn in by Julz' work ethic and business savvy. The girl's got hustle and I always respect that. Plus Julz now has an agency that employs women developing their talents and a number of charitable efforts in the works at any given time. While many know her for the wagon she's dragging (read: rotund derriere), her influence transcends physical appearance. 


This account is the opposite of blank white space and neatly contrived flatlays - it's nature. All things natural and beautiful about women of color can be found here. A page dedicated to the true celebration of womanhood, your eyes will feast on photos of women giving and living life the way that feels best to them. This page is so pure and frankly so beautiful I could scroll through endlessly, discovering something new to love about women and myself each time.

What are some of your favorite accounts? Comment below!


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