My Best-Kept Vintage Secret

Gentrification and hipster invasion be damned, Brooklyn is still one of the greatest boroughs in New York. Among the many boast-worthy qualities of BK is its shopping. Vintage and thrift treasures, in particular, are not hard to come by but there's one place that remains fairly untouched by fashion editors and giddy tourists alike - Wonders of Walter.

80s fur coat.jpg

I stumbled upon this gem last spring during an especially wicked cold snap. Imagine casually coming across a rack of luscious fur coats after just schlepping on the L train, it was almost like seeing a mirage. The pop-up vintage store is an oasis of 80s Gucci leather jackets and rockin' jumpsuits likely performed in by real rockstars. I know this because the only thing greater than the clothing at Wonders of Walter is Walter, himself.

As I walked up eyeing a black Comme des Garçons piece Walter greeted me and we quickly struck up a conversation. His gravely voice and direct manner alone tipped me off to the fact that he knows things. Sure enough for each item that I touched he had a full history complete with detailed fashion context to share. He regaled me with stories of styling Hollywood and rock n'roll's elite which only drew me further into the racks of his perfectly curated wares.

wonders of walter storefront.jpg

Out of love and in the spirit of abundance I share this holy grail of vintage with you. Find Wonders of Walter in the heart of Williamburg on Berry Street between N 6th and N 7th streets. Expect a laidback garage vibe. Small fitting rooms are in the back with trippy mirrors that make you feel like you're going to NASA or in a Spice Girls video. Choose a temperate day to enjoy this spot - if it's raining or too cold Walter typically won't open the shop. This is my haven, I am now entrusting the location to you, please treat it and my man Walter with the respect they deserve and enjoy! Namaste.


Miss Suber