T(ease)shirt & Jeans

As a former veteran of the teenage retail haven, DELIA*S, I vowed to get rid of my stockpile of graphic tees after college. While tshirts can be a staple in anyone’s closet I knew I had to do them differently.

Now I have an elevated collection of tees that consist of richer fabrics, tailored cuts and updated embellishments. This “I Love New York” tank is the only one remaining from that era – an archival piece, if you will. It was a tshirt I bought on a trip to NY during a college break. I slashed the sleeves off – admittedly a bit too much – rocking it and my “side boob” in all its glory.

I don’t shy away from showing skin when it feels right. I love "side boob" as a fresh take on cleavage. Typically I dress it down with lots of denim, toting my chambray shirt for when it gets chilly.


Miss Suber

Photo Credit: @jordanmball


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