4 Steps to Silky Smooth Legs

Soft supple skin is always the goal when stepping into the shower. However with my dry skin it can be somewhat of a battle. After much trial and error I discovered the perfect recipe for smooth skin and a silky hairless finish.



The key to keeping a glow anywhere on your body is exfoliation. Sloughing off the top layer of dead skin cells will remove the appearance of roughness and reveal healthy new cells. One of my favorite spa treatments is a Korean body scrub so I found a great product to recreate that effect at home. Now I use Nature Republic's Smoothing Body Peeling Mist. Take 10-15 mins before your bath or shower to spray your legs in small sections then rub rub rub in a circular motion until the product turns grey or completely beads off.


Once your new skin is prepped your hair will have an easier time being removed, regardless of what method you choose. Shaving for me is the easiest and most inexpensive way to get rid of leg hair. I rinse off the rest of the peeling mist and apply Suave Naturals Coconut conditioner to my entire leg and go Kill Bill on my leg hair with a fresh sharp razor.


Now my skin is smooth but I want an extraordinary glow so I detox with The Body Shop's Himalayan Body Clay Mask. You can use this on just your legs or all over your body to draw out the impurities. This step revitalizes dry dull skin for that extra oomph.

Screen Shot 2018-03-18 at 5.08.07 PM.png


The finishing touch is of course to replenish the moisture in the skin. Coconut oil is a great natural primer before lotion. If you tend to get ingrown hairs or want a nice post-shave treatment, add two drops of tea tree oil. Then follow up with your favorite moisturizer. I'm a fan of Eucerin and Nivea for deep moisture. And if I'm headed for a night out I'll top it with NUXE shimmer oil.

Four easy steps to your sexiest glow ever. Let me know if you try these tips in the comments below or tweet me a photo! Shop products below.


Miss Suber

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