The App That Keeps Me Centered Through Creative Entrepreneurship, Adulting, & Trump

Let's be honest, these are stressful times we're living in. Millions of Americans voted a reality star into the highest office in the land, Beyonce is suspending herself in midair while carrying twins, oh and then there's adulthood that constantly requires us to make decisions we may not be prepared to make. So how do we keep ourselves from burying our heads in Netflix binges or ricocheting our finances into ruin at the bar? One way that I've found solace in is daily meditation with Inscape.

Inscape is an app that offers guided mediation and relaxation exercises. You can select the type of experience you want depending on the time of day, the amount of time you want to dedicate, or what specific meditation you desire - focus, mindfulness, mantra, or visualization. I love doing a ten or fifteen minute mediation in the morning to start my day with a clear head. With so many things to worry about it's nice to anchor my perspective in the present.

Positive thoughts, your breath, and your heartbeat can each be focal points of your practice that remind you what is essential in the here and now. One thing I enjoy most is when the guiding voice and soothing sounds drop out completely for a few moments, all you're left with a silence that seems to envelope you, a space to just be.

Many times we forget the power that we have through being mindful of our own thoughts and our reactions to the things around us. While meditation will not erase the drama of life, it will keep your perspective squarely on what can and cannot touch you in the moment. As each mediation ends, an Australian accent encourages you to "travel gently," I urge you to do the same.

Let me know if you try this app or tweet me how you stay balanced!


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