#SuberFit Saturday Sweat with FitAzFk

Up early on a Saturday? Check.

Eat a clean breakfast? Check.

What better way to keep the momentum going than by trying a new workout?! My discovery of the FitAzFk exercise system is proof falling down the rabbit-hole of Instagram pages can actually be fruitful.

The FitAzFk program is focused on toning muscles and burning fat through improving flexibility, endurance, and strength. Each workout is designed with 5 minutes to warm up, 18 minutes of high intensity training, and 5 minutes to cool down - 28 minutes in total. I was so excited by everyone's results I decided to give it a try!

PreWorkout: .5 miles on the elliptical machine (about 4mins)


High Knees


Leg Stretch

3 sets of 10 assisted pushups

3 sets of 10 diamond leg sit-ups

3 sets of 10 plank taps

3 sets of 10 tricep dips

3 sets of 10 squat pull-ups with kettle bells 

3 sets of 10 alternate step-ups

3 sets of towel pumps

Post Workout: Stretch + 5 min brisk walk

If you are interested in trying this workout know that it looks very light but your heart will be pumping and you will definitely break a sweat. It's a moderate workout that you can intensify with heavier weights. I really enjoyed the varied set of exercises so I will be incorporating this program at least once a week. For those who try it be sure to tag #SubersWorkoutPlan on Instagram and Twitter or comment below!


Miss Suber