#SuberFit Tone Your Booty Up At Work!

Source: ErikaBowes

Source: ErikaBowes

One of the major sacrifices I made transitioning back to office life was giving up my any-time-of-the-day workouts. While spending hours at the gym doesn't sound like paradise, scheduling a sweat session at my leisure was my definition of bliss.

One of the keys to #LiveYaBestLife is accepting and adjusting to circumstance so I'll let you in a secret: I still get my booty workout in whenever I want to. Anytime I get a antsy from sitting at my little grey desk I stop by the ladies' room for leg lifts. Before you laugh, remember a little activity beats doing nothing at all!

Whether you have a sweet flat pancake, a cute peach, or tear-inducing union - here's how to lift your booty quickly between conference calls:

First stand tall, engage your core (meaning tighten your ab muscles), and steady yourself by placing your palms facing down on the sink or something sturdy. Once you're balanced and strong you want to concentrate your whole mind on your soon-to-be toned bottom - this will help you focus when it's time to do the real work. Now we lift! Without letting your upper body fall forward, slowly lift your right leg using your butt muscles to pull your leg back and upwards behind you. Really squeeze at the top, exhaling and inhale as you come back down.

Do three sets of 10 on each leg which shouldn't take you more that four or five minutes. Bam, your bathroom breaks just became mini training sessions! 

Tell me - are you going to try this move? Comment below with your questions and tag your before photos and progress pics with #SubersWorkoutPlan!



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