Travel Deals For Everyone (Jordans, Optional)

Traveling can be one of the most enriching experiences you have in life. Speaking from experience I can say taking a great vacation or exploring a new culture doesn't have to be expensive. The costliest part of any trip is usually the flight and lodging accommodations. I scoured the internet for some great flight deals for you to enjoy whether you have a passport or not.

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Pimpin All Over The World:

Ft. Lauderdale, FL to Bridgetown, Barbados - $185 Roundtrip

Barbados is a gorgeous place with great food, strong drinks, and a beach to swoon over. Cop this flight sometime in November 2017 or January 2018 for less than $200. Monday to Monday or Monday to Sunday dates on JetBlue look the best for this deal.

Denver, CO to Paris, FR - $380 Roundtrip or Denver, CO to Amsterdam, Netherlands - $350 Roundtrip

From January to March treat yourself to a European adventure. Go romantic in Paris or wild in Amsterdam. United Airlines has many Tuesday to Wednesday itinerary dates open.

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Boston, MA to Copenhagen, Denmark - $239 Roundtrip

Hit the historical sights in Denmark on Wow Air. Book your tickets separately to get this fare as low as possible - this deal is good now though the end of December.

Charlotte, NC to Barcelona, Spain - $347 Roundtrip

Starting in November, play with the travel dates and get your culture on. Trade the QC skyline for the sculptural landmarks of Barcelona. United Airlines is your best bet.

Atlanta, GA to Cancun, Mexico - $265 Roundtrip

ATL get your blessings! Now until May slip away to Cancun for a relaxing getaway or a raucous break from your day-to-day. Disclaimer: These flights are provided by Spirit Airlines or Frontier. I have never flown with either airline but be prepared for extra fees and minimal legroom. Are white sand beaches and fresh seafood worth being cramped for three hours? You decide.

Keeping It (Not So) Local:

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New York, NY to Los Angeles, CA - $206 Roundtrip

Need a little sun and greenery? Chill out in Cali for a while. This fare is extremely low for a cross-country haul. Search Alaska Air for dates starting in January. If you're looking to go West a bit sooner, there are tons of options for less than $250 starting this month.

Detroit, MI to Miami, FL - $49 Roundtrip

This fare will likely go fast. Now through January 2018 hop a flight to Miami for as low as $24 one way! You can save an $10 by flying Spirit Airlines or opt for American Airlines for a solid $49 roundtrip. Don't sleep! This is a great deal for a quick taste of warmer weather.

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Chicago, IL to Miami, FL - $49 Roundtrip

Again, if you enjoy tropical climates this is an amazing opportunity especially during Chicago winter. Pricing is pretty steady through January on American Airlines, as well.

Boston, MA to Chicago, IL - $95 Roundtrip

If you do like cooler weather, Chicago is easily one of my favorite cities. Being the hometown of many greats, the city is popping with sights, sounds, and tastes to enjoy. This deal is good now through November with American Airlines.

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Baltimore, MD to Honolulu, Hawaii - $572 Rountrip

Pack your bags! You can literally leave tomorrow for Hawaii. Grab this flight now through December on United for a quick vacay with bae.

All links are to sample itineraries or directly to the airline with the lowest fare, play around with the dates and book when is convenient for you! Travel is all about having a good time. If you book one of these flights or find a great one be sure to tweet me or tag me on Instagram with #SuberTravels!


Miss Suber